"Our mission is to support the spiritual journey as individuals on a pilgrimage to the Divine. We seek to encourage the spiritual journey as a uniquely individual path while recognizing that none of us can contain all of the Divine Truth. As a community we seek to support our journeys upward, inward, and outward."

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Who Are We?

We are a group of individuals - clergy and non clergy - from different faiths, dedicating ourselves to encouraging others along the Path to the Divine.

Our Vision

What we, as a Fellowship aspire toward

Getting Involved

The Universalist Fellowship of the Sacred Path works with individuals to help them along their Journey. Do you have a calling to share the Vision of the UFSP with others?

Inspirational Writings

Some quotes and writings that reflect the different ways we perceive life, spirituality and God.

Our innate unity with God is obscured by ignorance. We identify with our individual personalities, motivations, and desires. Whereas these are tools for the expression of our Spirit (Self), they do not constitute our identity. Google+