Rev. Amanda – Pagan Minister

Hello, and blessings! My name is Amanda and I am a minister for the UFSP.

I grew up Southern Baptist and later attended an evangelical church where I taught Sunday school and helped out with the children’s ministry. After a brief time of being totally disillusioned with organized religion, I became interested in witchcraft and Pagansim.

After many years of dabbling, I formally began to study Paganism in 2005 and soon was invited to dedicate to a coven. We helped organize the very first Pagan Pride Day in Lubbock, Texas, in 2006. After being initiated as a neo-Wiccan priestess into the Serpents of the Vine 2007, I moved to North Carolina.

I was ordained by Bishop Mani on July 4th, 2009. Shortly after my ordination, I gathered with some of my closest friends to form an eclectic group called Gaia’s Circle. Though this group has grown and changed greatly over the years, we continue to meet every six weeks or so to celebrate the wheel of the year with an open and diverse ritual and joyous potluck.

In addition to Gaia’s Circle and the Universal Fellowship of the Sacred Path, I keep myself busy with mentoring those who are interested in Paganism and other expressions of spirituality. I also host workshops and special ritual events, actively maintain numerous blogs, participate in community events, rituals, and open circles, and attend and host magical study and discussion groups. Currently I am partnering with other area Pagans and Polytheists to help form a networking organization to help connect and support local groups and individuals.

When I am not occupied with all of those things (and more!) I am busy working on my graduate degree in social work, working as an intern-therapist, and observing a rich and active devotional practice. Personally I am interested in witchcraft, Paganism, Gnosis and Gnosticism, and Greco-Roman and Mediterranean mystery traditions. Though essentially, I am an eclectic Universalist and very much open to the myriad expressions of religion and spiritualty.

I love meeting and learning about new people, so please feel free to get in touch with me at In the meantime, blessings and clear skies!

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