Rev. Mark Bowen

My name is Mark Bowen and I am a minister of the UFSP and TPEC.
I was first ordained in the Episcopal Church in 1993 and began my “journey to the left” shortly thereafter. As I look back over my path thus far, I realize that I have always had a universalist strain in my theology and philosophy. And then Bishop Spong, Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan and Karen Armstrong assured my continuance along that path! As a member of the Progressive Episcopal Church and the UFSP, I have found an open community and bishop which are comfortable with a belief system like this.
I am currently serving as the Consulting Minister for the Unitarian Universalists in Puerto Rico in helping to re-establish this congregation after a period of inactivity. Being pastor to such a theologically diverse group is such a wonderful and refreshing place to be! Additionally I am in the writing up stage of my doctoral dissertation in Ecopsychology.

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