Rev.Shilo – The Passersby

I am a Minister in the UFSP, living in British Columbia Canada.

I come from a rather varied religious background, being raised Jewish and then becoming Roman Catholic at 16 years old. Later in life I came across and travelled various paths until I came across Gnosticism and the Nag Hammadi . I dove into all the myths and writings, finding a whole new path to learn along, new tools for this leg in the journey of my life, and after mentorship by the UFSP Bishop Mansell Gilmore, as well as the required studies, I became ordained a Minister on July 2nd 2012.

Currently my personal practice is as a Gnostic, greatly influenced by the Thomasine tradition, as well as Hermetism and Valentinian Gnosticism. I am a member in the bardic grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

Community of the Passersby

It is my goal to bring the vision of the UFSP into a small group setting North of the border to share in the celebration of the spiritual journey from the view of Thomas.

The Vision

To know ourselves and the spark of God within us.  Whether it be in celebration and connection with others or in silence and stillness, we try to set aside our illusions and seek God above all things. We  are called to the outskirts to seek God in the desert  of our hearts as well as within the world around us. We seek to be imitators of Thomas (the Twin) as he was of his teacher, Jesus. We too seek to live lives of oneness with all and to find within us  the unity of all.

Community of the Passersby is a spiritual organization founded in the spirit of the early followers of Jesus as shown in the writings of Gospel of Thomas. We find the wisdom and compassion within the teachings of Jesus through various canonical and non canonical sources. It is our belief that Jesus taught a path with truths that many other religious paths share.We look at writings which contain a spark of that radical love and compassion, we examine texts that challenge us to Know Ourselves.

The Passersby is a small group stemmed in Wisdom Tradtions. We are also inspired by the messages found within writings of contemporary authors such as Marcus Borg, Cynthia Bourgeault  and Thomas Merton as well as Eastern writings found within Dharmic paths as well as writings as found at Nag Hammadi. We find expressions of God in deep, meaningful and wonderous ways.

Our goal is to celebrate and contemplate God without the additional dogmas and doctrines of mainstream churches, while still being true to the Heart that beats behind the Wisdom of Jesus.

I can be reached through this form  for more information, or visit our online community at


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